Every business has the potential to double or triple its performance in financial terms within a year or two – regardless of its size, industry and general economic conditions. This apparently outlandish assertion is based on three sound, proven management principles. The first is that a company is a child of the society, which is itself an infinite reservoir of untapped resources and capabilities beyond what any company can utilize. The second is that a company is a living organization, not a machine. Each of its five basic components can be energized and converted into an engine for growth. Like every organism, growth is natural and spontaneous, provided the organism maintains internal balance and integration with its environment. The third is that human resourcefulness is essentially unlimited and the only secret is to know how to unleash it for productive and creative purposes. These potentials can be harnessed to dramatically improve performance regardless of whether the company is big or small, at the top or at the bottom of its industry, in times when the market is expanding or contracting. The keys  to accomplishment lies within the company and its leadership. It requires a different way of seeing, thinking and acting. Doubling has occurred countless times in the past by companies which were not conscious of the process by which they achieved it.

The Double It! Executive Program is designed to support the Prime Minister’s objective of accelerating India’s economic growth and double India’s GDP as a complement and supplement to policy changes designed to stimulate investment, improve the business climate and encourage establishment of new enterprises.

Double It! is intended for entrepreneurs, senior executives and managers in Indian enterprises who seek to rapidly and dramatically increase the profits and revenues of their organizations. The program is based on proven methods developed and applied in the USA by companies of varying size in both manufacturing and service industries. We are so confident that serious companies will substantially benefit from the course, that we offer a money back guarantee to any firm which completes the course and applies the approach in their business and is not satisfied with what we have promised.

"Real knowledge is Power for Accomplishment" - Dr. Garry Jacobs

With this program you can acquire the knowledge that enabled

A self-employed Indian cloth merchant to build a Rs 500 crore retail textile empire.

A 20 year-old Delhi manufacturing company in an obsolete industry on the verge of closure to raise their profits six-fold in three years and which survived tough competition for another 30 years.

The owner of a mom and pop American family restaurant to become a national leader in food service and a global leader in the hospitality industry.

A Midwestern outstanding customer service build the largest retail business in the world.

A former US marine pilot to build the world's largest air transport business.

A new CEO to revive and transform an ailing 100 year old British insurance company into one of the most efficient and profitable companies in the country.

An ailing US car maker on the verge of bankruptcy to transform $3.3 billion in losses into $3.3 billion in profits in three years

A California garage electronics company to become the most valuable company in the history of the world.

A leading Indian motor scooter manufacturer facing intense competition from global leaders to double profits in two years and multiply revenues 100 fold over the next three decades

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