Garry Jacobs

Project Leader & Chief Consultant


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Garry Jacobs is an American author, researcher and strategic growth consultant on business, economic and social development with more than 45 years’ experience in India. He is founder-CEO of Mira International, a US-based management consultant to businesses in Europe, North America and Asia on strategic growth and profitability. He is CEO and President of the World Academy of Art & Science (USA), an international think-tank with 750+ fellows from 80+ countries founded in 1960.

Dr. Jacobs specializes in energizing organizations for rapid growth in performance, revenues and profitability. He is co-author of two acclaimed business books. The Vital Difference: Unleashing the Powers of Sustained Corporate Success, published by American Management Association in eight languages, is based on studies of highly successful, multi-billion dollar companies, including Apple, Intel, Bata Shoes, Chrysler, Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, DuPont, General Mills, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Marriott, Merck and Roebuck. The renowned management guru Peter Drucker wrote his foreword to the book, “This book is filled with profound insight – indeed wisdom.” The Vital Corporation: How American Companies Large and Small Double Profits in Two Years or Less, is based on the authors’ consulting work & research in over 30 fast-growing companies in North America, Europe & Asia, including FedEx, Linear Technologies, Bajaj Auto and several mid-size companies.

Dr. Jacobs has extensive experience in India since the mid-70s in research and consulting on strategies for business growth, economic development, employment, and education as Vice President of The Mother's Service Society, a social science research institute based in Puducherry. His research includes a strategy to create 100 million jobs in India in 10 years, which was adopted as official government policy in 1992; a study for the PMO on strategies to develop India's software export industry in the mid-80s; and more than 100 strategies for implementation in India's Sixth five year Plan.

Unleashing the powers of sustained corporate success.