Janani Ramanathan

Consultant & Speaker



Janani Ramanathan is a fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science and a Senior Research Analyst at the Mother’s Service Society, Puducherry, India. She has been engaged in research in a wide range of topics spanning the social sciences. She is a consultant to several educational, non-profit and business organizations. She has authored numerous papers and academic journal articles about the theory of organization based on her work. An active speaker, Janani has presented her research findings at international conferences including at the United Nations. She has assisted business consultants in their work and writing. Notable among them has been Harlan Cleveland, American diplomat, educator, author and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State  and Ambassador to NATO.

An active advocate of collaborative innovation and the person-centred approach, Janani believes in the infinite creative potential of the human capital to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. One of her specializations is research about companies that face adverse economic, political and social conditions and convert challenges into opportunities. She is closely associated with several institutions in implementing strategies to improve their efficiency, profitability and sustainable growth. Another of Janani’s firm beliefs is the value of values. She has traced the close correlation between long term development of any organization and its adoption of positive physical, organizational, ethical and psychological values. She has been engaged in value implementation in the institutions she is associated with.

Janani has been working with Garry Jacobs for over twenty years, assisting him in his research, writing and consulting projects.

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