Ketan Patel

Consultant & Speaker

Ketan is the Founder and CEO of Greater Pacific Capital. Ketan leads the firm’s research and ideas team, strategic relationships, origination, the investment committee and development of the firm’s people, values and culture.

Previously a Managing Director in the Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs, Ketan founded and led the Strategic Group at Goldman Sachs. He is based in London and New York, and has worked extensively in Asia, including India and China, developing and providing strategic advice to the firm’s corporate, investing and government clients and relationships. Ketan’s work included focus on geopolitics and the nature of world power and security and also on the transformational impact of new technologies, media and communications on industry structure and value and the impact on major corporations.

Formerly, Ketan was a partner at KPMG, where he founded and led their Strategy Consulting and Business Transformation Practice. This unit developed strategies to transform the value of companies and then leveraged the firm’s international capabilities to implement large scale projects.

He is the author of ‘The Master Strategist’ (Random House, 2005). He has written and spoken extensively on the rise and fall of civilizations and in particular on the intersection of geopolitics, conflict, economics and social change.

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