Mila Popovich

Consultant & Speaker


Strategic Advisor, Management Consultant, Board Member, Keynote Speaker, Performing Artist and Artistic Director.

Mila Popovich is the Founder of EVOLving Leadership (, a consultancy program for transformational leadership and an Associate at MIRA International, a management consulting firm. She develops the potential of individuals, businesses, and communities for superior performance. In her consulting practice, she offers a unique and proven strategic process for organizations to double their profit in two years or less. Mila attunes organizations to the universal life-supporting principles and aligns them with the emerging social trends to maximize their profit and purpose. In her workshops and transformational labs, Mila teaches the science of accomplishment and the art of fulfillment and designs distinctive experiences for awakening individual and collective genius.

With her focus on the socio-economic implications of new technologies, Mila is the Co-Founder of BlockchainAI Integra ( consulting innovative startups, progressive companies, and social entrepreneurs in the adoption of leading technologies to prepare and position organizations as leaders in the future of business and social innovation. Mila serves on the board of such technology developing companies in South Korea. As the proponent of eco-conscious and socially responsible business, she is a Member of the Executive Committee of Ethical Markets (Certified B Corp) Media and an Expert at the Katerva Award, the so-called Nobel Prize in Sustainability.

As an independent academic, she is a humanities expert, systems thinker and futures consultant. An international lecturer and speaker, Mila specializes in ecological literacy and sustainability, value drivers of the new economies, peace and cultural diplomacy, new paradigm of human development, and creative sides to future making. She is a Fellow and Chair of the Nominations and Evaluations Committee at the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) and a Director on the Board of the World University Consortium. Mila is an Associate Expert at the European Commission and the Project Manager of the New Economic Theory initiative by WAAS. She is the Head of Research and Development on “Global Leadership in the 21st Century,” a joint-project by the United Nations Office at Geneva and WAAS as well as a Member of the Executive Team of the Future Capital Initiative co-founded by the UN Office for Partnerships, UNCTAD, and WAAS. 

As a futurist, Mila is a member of the Millennium Project, a global futures think tank with active nodes in 63 countries as well as a member of the Mastermind Group at DaVinci Institute, USA. She is a Board Member and Global Collaborator at the Global Education Futures (GEF) and a co-author of the GEF Report, Educational Ecosystems for Societal Transformation, endorsed and prefaced by Peter Senge, a global leader in organizational development.

Mila’s work is sourced in three major domains: systems sciences and integral knowledge, psychology of transformation, and anticipation and futures studies. Mila is the voice of the emerging global standards and ethical leadership in the fields of science and technology, economy and business, education and democratic systems. As a contributor and advisor on boards of highest-ranking global organizations, she is guiding a new era of human development and leading the evolution of socio-economic values.

Strategic Advisor, Management Consultant, Board Member, Keynote Speaker, Performing Artist and Artistic Director. 

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