Thomas George

Consultant & Speaker


Thomas George is the founder & CEO of Soft Skills Consultancy Higher Heights Motivation, based in Trivandrum. He is an NLP Practitioner, columnist, member of the Kerala Management Association, Toastmasters International and an IATA Certified Professional Instructor, yoga practitioner, travel buff, naturist, sustainability activist and a voracious reader on future techno-socio-economic trends.

Thomas has 31 years of extensive international experience in the service industry with three major International Airlines, British Airways, KLM & Qatar Airways in various supervisory and Learning & Development capacities. Having achieved his childhood goal of flying Supersonic on the Concorde, he took early retirement from the aviation industry to step into his passion, training. Over the past six years, he has conducted various immersive, interactive training programs for Corporates like UST Global, Techno Park, Trivandrum, Jet Airways, Gulf Area Management Team Dubai. He is currently mentor, facilitator in various Management Schools and conducts extensive, nature immersive, Outbound Life Skills Training programmes.

Having handled the customer relations portfolio with several international airlines, he is an ardent proponent of ‘customer centricity’. His frustration with complex legacy systems and processes in the overly complex airline industry enabled him to envision an interactive Workshop titled ‘Simplification of Business Processes’. The programme, aimed at all levels of an organisation, focuses on the questions ‘What, Why, Where, When, Who & How’ of all business processes and procedures undertaken by a company to achieve its goals. The aim is to minimise complexity, thereby simplifying the work flow process, enabling maximisation of profits, amply showcased by hugely successful companies like, Apple, Google, Southwest Airlines etc.

Thomas strongly believes that ‘Simplify or Perish’ is the motto to forge a visionary path forward into the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous future facing every organisation and humanity as a whole.

Unleashing the powers of sustained corporate success.